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Corona Virus Resource: Seagull and Videotel have joined forces to provide this free-of-charge awareness video.

In the wake of the pandemic COVID-19, Seagull Maritime and Videotel have launched a new programme called:
“Coronavirus- How to Beat it.”
Available free to the maritime industry, the programme outlines the common symptoms that seafarers need to be aware of and details the key precautions that individuals onboard can take to minimise the spread of this highly contagious virus.
Frequent hand washing is one of the ways to reduce infection and the programme demonstrates the correct way to thoroughly wash hands using liquid soap and warm water.
It also gives advice to crew on the procedures to follow onboard if they think they have become infected, to reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection.

Sneezing into sleeve.jpg

Together we can minimise the spread of the virus

and help keep each other healthy…

Find Out How to protect yourself and your crewmembers by minimising the chance of infection

Sick Seafarer 01.jpg

N.B All seafarers shown were healthy and not sufferering from Coronaviurs.

The Videotel training film contains advice on:

  • How to recognise the symptoms of Coronavirus

  • How to protect yourself from getting infected

  • How to properly wash your hands

  • How to protect others

Washing hands 01.jpg

This training package has only been possible with the collaboration of all our customers and friends in the Industry. As ever we thank you for your support.

Seagull Maritime and Videotel are part of Ocean Technologies Group 

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