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Sulphur 2020: Free awareness video now accompanied by free-of-charge

e-learning course available from Videotel

In October 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) confirmed a global limit for sulphur in fuel used on board ships of 0.50% to become effective on the first of January 2020. Alternatively, ships may continue to use fuels with a higher sulphur content when using an approved equivalent method of compliance such as an exhaust gas cleaning, or 'scrubber', system.

The implementation of this regulation is by national legislation as flag or port state will have far-reaching implications throughout the marine fuel supply chain. It will affect refining, distribution, bunkering, handling and storage on board the ship, through to final use in all diesel engines, boilers and other combustion plant.

The course is based on guidance published by the Joint Industry Project. This Joint Industry Guidance document provides fuller and more detailed coverage of the issues summarized here and is available for free download via the resources section of the course. We recommend you refer to the original document should you require clarification of any points raised in this module.

Running down existing stocks of high sulphur fuel oil ideally by the autumn of 2019 will allow a safe period to bunker with compliant fuel oil…


The Videotel training package consists of two components that help to make it easier for ships’ crews and owners / operators to do the right thing and be compliant with the new regulations.  



The 2020 Sulphur Regulations – Achieving Compliance is an awareness video that lays out clearly the new regulations, where and how they apply, how they are enforced, and what crews and owners need to do to be compliant. It explains that there are three methods to meet the new requirement: 

  • Burn compliant fuels

  • Use alternative fuels

  • Install an exhaust gas cleaning system

  • 'Scrubber'


The pros and cons of each are discussed, and the video explains what ships have to do in case things go wrong.


This e-learning module is designed to provide guidance for use across the marine fuels and shipping industries, from fuel blenders and suppliers to end users.

It provides a background to the MARPOL ANNEX VI regulation that will introduce not only a new marine fuel regime but also a cultural change in the industry's approach to marine fuel management.

Access the Video and the E-learning Course to Help Achieve Compliance

The Videotel training materials available for download on this site have been produced with great support from within the industry.

Videotel is very grateful to the following for their valuable contributions

CPO Containerschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG; IPIECA; Minmarine Ship management GmbH & Co. KG; Nautical Institute; Navigator Gas
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