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Thank you for your interest in Videotel's new training package, incorporating our

new e-learning course and The 2020 Sulphur Regulations – Achieving Compliance video. Both the course and the video are available in different formats, depending on your requirements.

Click here to view the course online. Please note the online version of the course is included for reference only and does not include an assessment.

You Can Also download the Video:

Low-resolution Video

High-resolution Video

Additional Resources: 

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We are pleased to make this video and facilitator notes available for your internal use to help raise awareness and supply tools and strategies to improve 2020 Sulphur Regulations.
© 2019 Videotel    Videotel owns the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the video training packages, which you may use for strictly non-commercial training and educational purposes. The video, and facilitator notes and e-Learning course and/or their content, including parts of them, may not be used, reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise dealt with for any other purpose. Any unauthorised use or other exploitation is not permissible and may result in prosecution. 
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